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Benefits Of Yoga

Author: masteradmin
Published Date: January 28, 2019

I’m sure that all of us have heard people raving on about their love of yoga, how it’s changed their lives and how they feel healthier and happier for it. However, I bet they pretty much all come up with different reasons. That’ll be because the list of benefits yoga gives us is absolutely huge! In fact, the list keeps growing as yoga’s popularity is inspiring more and more scientific research to back the yogis claims. These are just some of the proven benefits;

*Helps improve self image, confidence and acceptance
*Improved strength and flexibility
*Reduces cholesterol, blood pressure and the risk of heart disease
*Aids with weight loss and maintaining a healthy body weight
*Helps heal injuries by increasing blood flow to joints, muscles and connective tissues and by strengthening supporting structures.
*Increases muscle mass and increases metabolism
*Helps with depression and many other mental health conditions
*Improves brain function and memory
*Prevents the reduction of brain grey matter as we age
*Reduces Stress
*Helps cure insomnia by returning the body to homeostasis and so calms the body and mind
*Increases concentration by strengthening the cerebral cortex part of brain, which helps with focus and concentration
*Improves circulation and blood flow
*Helps relieve chronic pain by relieving tension in the area and improving postural imbalances
*Energises and helps with fatigue
*Increases lung capacity and fitness
*Helps with breathing difficulties and asthma
*Improves digestive issues such as IBS and constipation