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You can book your drop in class or class package on our website, through your Mindbody App or by popping in to see us or calling us on 020 80503581.  Please don’t hesitate to email us on hello@yogarocks.co.uk if you have any questions or need any further information.
Pretty much just your lovely self, dressed in comfortable, light, non-restrictive clothes, which allow for natural movement. You might want to bring a small sweat towel, bottle of water and a towel for showering.  However, we provide mats, yoga bricks and props, quality shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. We also have shower towels available to hire for £1 and you can buy water from us too, also for £1. For further information, please visit our ‘Studio Etiquette’ page.
Our Yoga Rocks teachers are experienced, friendly and caring. Your safety and comfort is always our priority, therefore, they will always offer adaptations or alternatives to the more advanced postures. They will also always give verbal alignment cues, safety teaching points and visual demonstrations, where necessary. If you’ve advised them that you're happy to receive hands on adjustments, then they’ll do that too. All of our classes are therefore suitable for all levels, however, if you prefer to start with a slower paced class then you may wish to start with our Gentle Flow or Yin classes. Our Slow Flow and Hatha classes are also slightly slower paced classes and so you may prefer to start with those. Dynamo is our fastest paced class, so you may want to leave this one until you have practiced in the other yoga classes a few times first. For further information on the classes we offer, please visit our ‘Classes’ page.
We want as many of our North London community as possible to be able to enjoy practicing yoga, therefore, we are pleased to offer 15% discount on the prices of our drop in classes and class packages, which haven’t already been discounted. For further information, please visit our ‘Special Offers & Pricing’ page.
One of the many benefits of attending hot yoga classes is to improve both fitness and flexibility. So if you don’t currently posses these great attributes, a regular yoga practice will change that! Yoga is a universal discipline,  and here at Yoga Rocks we want to ensure that all levels of fitness and flexibility are accommodated in our classes with no comparisons or judgements. In short: yoga is for everyone, wherever we are on our own individual journeys.  
Whilst each individual injury and situation can differ, practitioners of yoga will largely attest to the impact the discipline has made in helping them recover from injuries and operations. Through penetrating muscles and ligaments to a deeper level and increasing the oxygenated blood supply to injured areas, hot yoga can help to heal, break up scar tissue and stimulate cell rejuvenation. That’s why it’s no coincidence that hot yoga is practiced by many top and aspiring athletes and is part of footballers, netball players, rugby players, boxers, runners, golfers, tennis players and many more active people’s weekly routines. If you do have concerns about any health issues however, or have recently undergone a surgical procedure, we always recommend getting advice from a doctor or specialist before practicing yoga. If your medical professional gives you the nod that it’s ok, great! However, please always be mindful of your injury or condition and never push yourself into a position that causes you discomfort or pain and if in any doubt about what you should or shouldn’t do, then please speak to the teacher.
It is natural for many to struggle with the heat at first, but your body will quickly adapt.  Our hot yoga classes take place in a studio heated to around 35 degrees.  We have a state of the art heating system which ensures that the room temperature, humidity and oxygen levels are all kept to safe and desirable levels and that fresh, filtered air is kept constantly flowing throughout the class.  Such provisions are all done for good reasons! The heat allows for many added benefits – such as optimizing blood circulation, enabling deeper stretching and typically burning more calories than in a non-heated environment. The presence of heat also has a massaging effect on deep tissues, muscles and organs, helping to improve their functioning and eliminate toxins.  Through raising your heart rate, hot yoga classes also help in strengthening your cardiovascular system. The heat will make you sweat, which offers further benefits. It helps open, unclog and cleanse pores,  leading to a healthier, cleaner, more radiant and younger looking skin! Sweating can also strengthen our immune system and detoxify the body, flushing the body of substances such as alcohol and cholesterol and dangerous viruses, including turberculosis germs. A natural antibiotic is activated in sweat. It’s also an effective way of sweating out salt and retaining calcium in our bones. This limits the accumulation of salt and calcium in the kidneys and urine and so helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Additionally, the hot environment helps break down fatty acids and glucose adding even more benefits to your yoga practice.
To ensure that you are not disappointed, we always recommend you book online or telephone us before attending. Whilst you will always be welcome to attend a class should there be space, this can not always be guaranteed. Classes are always allocated on a first come first served basis. We have active waiting lists which you can join if the class is fully booked and you will be sent an email notification if a space becomes available. To keep the booking system fair and to ensure that no one misses out, we operate a cancellation policy. If you cancel more than 2 hours before the start of your class, we can offer your place to the waiting list and you will not lose your session or incur a cancellation charge. Unfortunately, however, if you cancel within 2 hours before the start of your class this may not be enough time to offer the space to another yogi and you will lose your session or, if you have an unlimited membership, you will incur a £3.50 cancellation charge.
Practicing in a hot environment brings many benefits, but it can also be very challenging, especially for beginners or people new to hot yoga. We recommend that you drink plenty of water throughout the day before your class to ensure healthy hydration levels. You are also welcome to bring water to classes to sip if and when you feel it’s necessary. A lack of hydration can exacerbate a drop in blood pressure and lead to feelings of dizziness. Whilst practicing yoga in a heated environment, it is not uncommon to experience bouts of light headedness or dizziness. This is perfectly normal and experienced by many on occasion and is usually a result of a combination of the higher than normal temperature and the challenging postures whilst your body is working hard. If this should happen, there’s no cause for alarm! Breathe deeply and steadily and take a restorative position, such as child’s pose, or just sit or lie down on your mat. Try to stay in the room, and try to relax until you feel you are in a position to rejoin the class. If the dizzy spell lasts more than a few seconds, please discreetly notify the teacher.
The growth in the popularity of yoga has also seen an increase in clinical studies conducted, which attest to the many benefits yoga can bring.  One of the key areas in which the rise in yoga has been acutely evident is how many professional male athletes and sportsmen are now regularly incorporating yoga as part of their training.  Most professional football and rugby teams now regularly practice yoga, as the benefits, both physical and mental, are becoming more established and documented throughout the sporting world.  It is not uncommon to find high profile individuals who have attributed their longevity in their sport to the regular practice of yoga. Another reason why more men should try yoga, is the sad fact that, although many more women than men seek help for mental health issues such as depression, the male suicide rate is much higher in men and this disparity has been seen ever since these statistics have been recorded. The positive effects of a yoga practice to our mental and emotional health are widely reported and we want to do our part at Yoga Rocks in encouraging men to practice yoga and to benefit from these often life changing effects. Yoga is truly a universal art, which keeps your body moving fluidly and healthily, keeps your mind sharp and focussed and on top of all that, it also helps keep a smile on your face. Men need that just as much as women!


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