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Staying Covid safe

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Yoga Rocks will be reopening its doors and unrolling the mats once more, but with a few changes to ensure a safe visit for all.  In following official government guidelines and implementing thorough safety measure, all yogis are encouraged to note and comply with the following upon visiting the studio:


  • Attendance at the studio confirms that you have read and understood this document and that you confirm compliance with government and Yoga Rocks guidelines to protect against unnecessary exposure to Covid-19.
  • I understand that the symptoms listed below are representative of COVID-19:

– Fever

– Dry Cough

– Shortness of Breath

– Temperature

– Persistent pain or pressure in the chest

– A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

I confirm that I do not display or currently have any of the symptoms that are representative of COVID- 19, which are outlined above.

  • I will immediately inform the Yoga Rocks Team, in writing if I, a resident of my home or anyone I have come into close contact with, is tested positive for Covid-19.
  • I will avoid touching my eyes, nose or mouth with my hands, whilst at the studio.
  • If I need to sneeze or cough, I will use a tissue to cover my nose and mouth and dispose of the tissue immediately and then wash or sanitise my hands. Tissues will be available to use in reception and in the studio. If a tissue isn’t to hand, I will cover my nose and mouth with the inside of my elbow.
  • I consent to my temperature being taken by a member of the Yoga Rocks team before entering the studio. A non-contact infrared thermometer will be used.
  • I confirm that I have not travelled to any countries or regions with widespread on-going transmission of Covid-19 in the last 14 days.


  • Please queue to the right of the front door of the studio maintaining social distancing of 1 metre + from each other. You will be called in by the receptionist.  Please maintain social distancing throughout your visit to the studio.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available for you to use as soon as you enter the studio reception. This must be used by each person upon entry.


  • You will be given a set of slippers to wear once shoes are removed in the reception. The slippers are to be worn from the reception to the studio, removed for your class and left by your mat – and then worn again after your class as you head to reception to leave and change into your footwear – please do not wear these slippers outside of the studio and bring them with you each time you attend.


  • Changing rooms & showers will be closed until further notice
  • Lockers will not be in use, but you will have a small private space next to your mat in which to leave your belongings. Please only bring essential items in a small bag and switch phones off when entering the studio. Please try to arrive at the studio already changed in your yoga wear if possible.
  • Showers will not be in use, nor will the changing room facilities.


  • Class sizes will be reduced in order to maintain safe social distance from others.
  • Clients are urged to book in advance of attending the studio. Class sizes will be reduced, and therefore it is more likely the class could be full, therefore to avoid unnecessary attendance to the studio, please ensure your place is booked prior to attending the studio.


  • Although our mats will be steam cleaned after every class, we recommend you to try and bring your own mats where possible. Yoga mats are now also available to purchase from reception.  All studio mats will be steam cleaned after every visit.
  • Each yogi will have props already set out to be used. Please do not collect your own props or return them to our storage unit after class.  Each piece of equipment will be sanitised after every class.
  • Yogis are encouraged to bring their own towels to use. Towel hire will not be available.


  • Our already clean studio will undergo enhanced deep cleaning on an even more regular basis – with all floors, points of contact, props and mats being sanitised after each class.


  • Clients are encouraged not to use the toilets unless absolutely necessary. Only the toilet by reception will be available for use.  Should you need to change, you should do so in the toilet.


  • Clients are encouraged to use card / contactless devices when paying for services