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Studio Etiquette

At yoga Rocks we practice Ahimsa; respect for each other and non-violence to ourselves and others, in our deeds, words and thoughts. We believe to hurt others is to hurt ourselves. What this means to us is that we want to create a non-judgemental, safe and ultimately happy space for all of our community. We provide space for our students to hang out with their fellow yogis before and after their class but we ask for silence during the class so that everyone can fully benefit from and enjoy their practice without any distractions.

We ask that all of our yogis accept their wonderful, unique bodies and their limitations. That doesn’t mean that you can’t strive to achieve postures that currently aren’t accessible to you, it just means that you don’t push yourselves to the point of pain or discomfort and that you appreciate that you will still benefit from the postures at any level. Your practice is about you and no one else.

Our teachers will always give verbal alignment cues and safety teaching points, however, they will also offer hands on adjustments. They will always ask you at the beginning of your class to let them know if you do not want any hands on adjustments. Adjustments are given to assist with the correct and safe alignment or to deepen you into a pose, however, we feel that it is more important that you feel comfortable, so please, let them know your preference.

What You Need to bring

We provide mats, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, as well as other quality toiletries, but obviously, you’re welcome to bring your own mat and toiletries. You may also want to bring a small sweat towel and your own towel for showering, however, you can hire a towel from us for £1.

Ideally, you should start your hot yoga class fully hydrated, as you would before any dynamic workout, however, you may want to bring a water bottle to take short sips if you feel that you need it.

Please wear light, non restrictive clothing, which allows for natural movement. Compression type sportswear is recommended as it’s close fitting, mimics body shape, allows free movement and soaks up sweat, but anything light and comfortable, which doesn’t restrict movement is good


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